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As the Program Administrator and Risk Management partner of NPIP, Clear Risk Solutions provides the necessary support to help you save money and focus on the people you are committed to serve.

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Created by Nonprofits​

After being confronted with unpredictable insurance premiums, constantly shifting coverages, and extremely limited risk reduction tools, a small group of nonprofit leaders created an alliance to take control of their insurance needs. In 2004, these original nonprofit organizations joined and formed the Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP). Today NPIP provides insurance coverage and risk management services to hundreds of organizations across various nonprofit sectors. NPIP's goal is to provide resources for members to help control the risks they face daily, while simultaneously taking control of their insurance future. NPIP's success results from member adherence to the following founding principles: individual commitment to upholding safe and sound practices, willingness to grow through education, and fostering a greater sense of community through responsible membership.



During the 2015 Washington State Legislative Session, Senator Jan Angel and Representative Judy Clibborn brought forward legislation creating a new law for joint self-insurance risk pooling specifically for nonprofits. The law was written as a collaborative effort between NPIP and the Department of Enterprise Services (NPIP's regulatory agency). It provides separation of government entities and nonprofits and provides the option for NPIP to allow nonprofits organized outside of Washington to join the program. Click here for full information on the RCW and WAC.