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As the Program Administrator and Risk Management partner of NPIP, Clear Risk Solutions provides the necessary support to help you save money and focus on the people you are committed to serve.

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Regardless of mission focus, diversity of operations, budget size, or staff size, all nonprofits face assorted risks that are challenging to navigate – even knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We provide resources to help you assess, manage, and reduce your risk.  

We want you to focus on what is truly important: your mission.

May 19, 2020 Conference – Risk Management Track:

Surviving the Active Lethal Threat, by Crisis Reality Training


Prepare yourself for the most intensive, interactive, and inspiring workshop you will ever attend.


This groundbreaking workshop, presented by nationally recognized expert Jesus Villahermosa, demonstrates practical, life-saving crisis response techniques for a variety of environments that are backed by years of data, analysis, and experience. Participants will come away with a revolutionized understanding of how to prepare for and respond to an active lethal threat event – this is one training you won’t want to miss.

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More to come in 2020