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NPIP Annual Member Meeting Webinar

The Webinar was hosted by the NPIP Board Chair and provided a full program report to NPIP members and brokers. The Board Chair discussed the program's financial position, services, enhancements, claims performance, goals, initiatives, challenges, legislative issues, and a preview into the vision for the future. Thank you to everyone who could attend! 

Past Trainings

If you’d like to host one of these trainings or if you’d like to see a specific training come your way please contact Claire Hanberg at

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Presented by the highly qualified members of “Teams & Leaders”, this training focused on leadership essentials regarding the critical skills necessary for navigating emotions and relationships. The objectives of the training were as follows: to become more self-aware of emotions, using that awareness to react positively to situations and people, accurately reading the emotions of others, and improving interactions and relationships through the power of empathy.

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As the Program Administrator and risk management partner of NPIP, Clear Risk Solutions provides the necessary support to help you save money and focus on the people you are committed to serve.

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