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Pre-Litigation Program

Dealing with personnel issues and identifying areas of risk has become increasingly difficult and can be challenging, expensive, and time consuming for nonprofits. The Pre Litigation Program (PLP) is designed to provide nonprofits technical assistance. When we are involved at the onset of the problem, we can provide education and guidance on navigating risk and minimizing liability. Our team provides consulting services such as analysis, investigations, and recommendations.

To accomplish these, we approach each situation according to its unique characteristics to help you manage your risks. We will work jointly with your counsel to develop a plan of action to resolve the issue. You can view more information about this here.

If you have any questions please contact Andrea Callaghan.


The NPIP Pre Litigation Program (PLP) provides risk management information and services to the program’s membership upon request. Clear Risk Solutions does not provide legal advice. When seeking legal advice, all members are reminded to consult with their attorney or legal assistance from an independent attorney assigned by NPIP.  Assignment of an NPIP approved attorney is discretionary and must be approved by the NPIP consultant assigned to the matter.

Risk Management Services

Risk Management is the process of identifying and mitigating potential risk.  Our risk control team provides personalized recommendations tailored for your nonprofit, and specializes in loss control, educational services, claims mitigation, and pre-litigation.


Risk Control

Our risk control services are designed to help you identify your organizations' areas of potential loss and provide you with tools to take action toward reducing or eliminating those risks. For sample waivers, policies, or checklists be sure to check out the Risk Help tab below. Contact Patti Ferguson with any questions you may have.


Educational Services

Our educational services are offered for in-person or online trainings, and are designed to fit your schedule, be hassle-free, and are provided to members at no additional cost. To schedule an onsite training please contact Lori Sieverkropp.

Below are other ways our Risk Management team can help. Please reach out to our risk managers for additional assistance: 800.407.2027 or 

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As the Program Administrator and Risk Management partner of NPIP, Clear Risk Solutions provides the necessary support to help you save money and focus on the people you are committed to serve.


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